Professional training

IMG_1564If you are interested in serving paella in your pub or restaurant, we can help you. We run a professional training course for chefs and cooks and our chefs will travel to you. We also work with a paella pan supplier and you can purchase your pans at a discounted price from –

All our staff has been trained in Oxford by Ruben Rivero, Spanish Paella Chef, founder of Picoteo.

The course

  • Dates: Monday, Tuesday and Friday
  • Venue: Your restaurant or food servicePicoteo_Mesa de trabajo 1
  • Cost: £600
  • Duration: 9 hours (3 hours each day)
  • Time: From 8 am to 11 am (all three days)
  • Theme: Two types of Paella (Chicken Valenciana, Seafood, Chorizo Perol,                                         Squid Ink – Negra, Supper Veggie-Vegan)
  • Extras: If you would like to learn more than one type – £100 per paella type.

What you get

  • Proficiency at making paellas the Spanish Picoteo way
  • All the information about the right ingredients and suppliers
  • Two month phone or email assistance (after the course)
  • Menu templates and ideas